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Make the best of everything!: Cookie Cheeseburgers!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cookie Cheeseburgers!!!

Are these not the cutest things ever? I know they have been around a while because I remember making them with my mom and bringing them in as a birthday treat when I was in second grade. ( I am 28 years old now)  This is how they are done.

Hamburger Bun= Vanilla wafer Cookie with Honey that glues the sesame seeds on.
Hamburger Pattie= Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie ( or grasshopper cookies found at the store)
Lettuce= Coconut with green Food coloring
Cheese= Frosting with yellow food coloring
Ketchup= Frosting with red food coloring

Prepare ingredients. and build your Cookie Cheeseburger!!

These are great with a side of Potato shoestrings!!!



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