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Make the best of everything!: Falling Leaves Quesadilla

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Falling Leaves Quesadilla

My newest recipe.  The Falling Leaves Quesadilla.  Not only does it look like fall, but it tastes like fall.  I saw this cookie cutter of a leaf, and I just could not resist!

I really love spending time outside during fall.  I LOVE the changing colors of the leaves.  I LOVE going on walks when you get to step on all of the falling leaves and make them CRUNCH!

The leaf shaped Quesadillas are also made with the colors of fall. These babies are also CRUNCHY.  These  quesadillas are crunchy and gooey cheesy inside.

I chose tortillas that have fall colors.  I made these Quesadillas with Sun dried tomato and Black Bean flavored tortillas so they would look like fall leaves.  These Quesadillas have squash and apples in addition to sharp cheddar cheese.

OKAY. So I know there is a lovely picture of a butternut squash up there.  BUT.  I was making lunch while my 11 month old was in his high chair and POUNDING on his tray for some food.  I just did not have the time to peel, cook and puree an entire squash for my quesadillas.  SO I simply opened this jar and used it as an ingredient.  Great way to hide some veggies in my baby's lunch.  ( and mine)

Using baby food in a recipe can be a great idea.  If you just need a little bit of something for a recipe.

Falling Leaves Quesidillas 

1/2 of an apple.  Peeled and Chopped. 
1/2 container of squash baby food
1 pouch Tuna ( optional) 
4 tortillas. of your choice 
2 cups cheddar cheese 

1) Peel and Chop 1/2 an apple.  Cook them on the stovetop for 5 minutes. 
2) Using a leaf cookie cutter,  Cut leafs out of your tortillas. 

3) Assemble your quesadilla.   Spread some squash baby food on your tortilla followed by cheddar cheese, some chopped apples and tuna.  

4) Cook on a hot pan or griddle for 3 minutes on each side. or until each side gets crispy brown.  

5) Serve Warm.  

I love the flavors of fall.  A Warm, Crunchy, Gooey, Cheesy quesadilla was a great way to showcase these wonderful fall flavors.  The Squash and the warm apples tasted wonderful with the ooey gooey cheese.

My 11th month old gobbled this right up.  He has a very extensive pallet for an 11 month old you know.  However, he did not have his lunch in the shape of a leaf.  They don't sell cookie cutters that small:)


At October 12, 2012 at 11:19 PM , Blogger Bobi Jensen said...

I love this!

I'd love to have you link up at my Weekend party!



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