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Make the best of everything!: Words I Wish I Wrote #2

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Words I Wish I Wrote #2

  When I was in college, I read all of the books written by an author by the name of Robert Fulghum. Including his book " Words I wish I wrote."

It is so true that other people's ideas that I see all around on the web often inspire my new ideas.  I sometimes  oftensee recipes and craft ideas that  "I wish I wrote! "

I am starting a new series where every Sunday night at 7:00 PM I will share with you three projects that "I wish I had written." 

Feel Free to submit projects that you think I would like.  They just might get featured!  Please message my page on Facebook with your submissions

Here the three blog posts for this week that " I wish I wrote"  

Recipe "I wish I wrote"

As all my readers know, I am always attempting to transform vegetables into wonderful healthy meals.  When I saw these roasted cabbage wedges on Kayln's Kitchen.  It was love at first site!  Hop on over and read her wonderful post on how to make these.  

Kids themed craft " I wish I wrote"
As a mother of a toddler.  I am always looking for new activities we can do together.  I saw this painting idea from. As Time Flies and I know I have to try this with my son.  Visit her and check out how to make Masking tape paintings!  

DIY Craft " I wish I wrote"
I saw How to hollow a book on Pinterest and thought it was just the coolest idea!  I need to find a reason to make one of these!  Check out " How to hollow a book" on Mommy Blessings.  

Have a great week!  



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