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Make the best of everything!: January 2012

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Red Box movie gift set

My nephew Adam turned 6 last week.  Last year I made him a Homemade detective kit. that went over big
 How do I give him a gift that might compare?

I chose to make him a Red Box Gift Set!

I thought it would be fun for Adam to be able to pick out some movies to watch.


1) I made up these felt movie tickets by "googling" movie ticket and copied the design. I just cut out the movie tickets freehand.  I used black puff paint and drew on the felt to make the movie tickets.

2) On the back of each ticket I wrote down the " code" for Adam to use to get his free Red box movie.

3) I found a shoebox and filled it with goodies that you might find when you go to the movies.

I chose 5 kinds of movie candy, since there are 5 children in Adams family.

4) I wrote out instructions and taped it to the bottomof the box lid

5) I covered the shoebox with red wrapping paper, and wrote " Adam's Red box"

This was a very easy gift to make!

An afterthought:  having a "Red box" themed birthday party would be a cute idea.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine Bagel

There have been some pretty neat Valentines food items in " Blog World" this Valentines day season.  Heart shaped breakfast, lunch and dinner. Heart shaped snacks, eggs, vegetables and meat.

 And of course every baked good one can think of has been turned into a heart.

If you don't have time for hours of baking, or if your family is too busy for a sit down breakfast.....There is still hope that you might be able to serve a special Valentines day treat!

 I present The Valentines day Bagel!
 ( and no. Not heart shaped homemade bagels...)

Just buy store bought bagels and turn the circle hole into the shape of a heart!
( have gone off the deep end this time?....yes...yes I think so)

So I cut out a heart in the middle of the bagel.
Toasted the bagel.
Spread cream cheese on the bagel.

And for a hint of Valentine spirit. I filled the middle with cherry jam!

There you have it! The 5 minute Valentines day breakfast!

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Valentine Food Extravaganza!

I have decided that anything can be heart shaped if you want it to be

This Valentines day season on "Make the best of everything" I have been showing off my heart shaped goodies for Valentines day. 

On my Blog, you might have noticed  my

Heart shaped tortilla chips                                                                            Heart shaped potato skins
Heart shaped tortilla chips and potato skins, just to name a few. It turns out that a heart shaped cookie cutter can be used for almost anything.  

However, I also wanted to share some amazing Valentines day food ideas that I have seen  on the web that I wish I would have thought of myself!

A salad with heart shaped beets! ( I LOVE beets!)  Learn how to make this at Fly away Vegan

Heart shaped Ravioli at Christines Cuisine

Heart Shaped Carrots at Projects by Carm

Calzone hearts! from Six in the Suburbs

Hope you enjoy my picks!

Happy Almost Valentines Day!!!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Heart shaped frozen Banana pops

Have you ever had frozen bananas?  I was introduced to frozen bananas by a magazine called YM when I was a preteen.  ( I do not think this magazine still exists)

Freezing bananas is an extremely healthy way to have a treat!

I used my smallest heart cookie cutter to make some heart shaped frozen banana pops!

And its Easy!

I used a banana and a pack of lolly pop sticks.  I used my mini heart cookie cutter to cut hearts in the banana.

Then, I wrapped them up in tinfoil and froze them for about 2 hours. When you put them in the freezer, they are a little slimy. but after they are frozen, they should stay up on the sticks just fine.

These turned out great.  They are very healthy. and I ate all of these shortly after they came out of the freezer

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby food Valentines

2011 was a BIG year of babies among people I know! Including me!

I had my little boy on October 30 ,2011.

But before that, four of my good friends and three of my cousins all had baby girls!!!

I thought it would be super cute if my son, being the only boy in the group, sent Valentines to all his little girlfriends and girl cousin playmates!

I might be creating a monster with this.....or maybe he will grow up and get mad at me for doing this to him. Who knows.

I came up with baby food Valentines for the girls!

For Katelyn. Peas! because she is a " Sweet Pea!"

Bananas for Brenna!

Pears for Emma.

For Hadley. Apples.

These next three are for 'cousin' baby girls.  so I needed to make the phrases. 'cousin' appropriate. 
( I grew up in the Chicago area....our family is not like THAT)

Alayna and Madison are getting sweet potatos.

And a Blueberry treat for Ariana!

Hope all the girls enjoy their Valentines.  As a girl myself, I know how important Valentines day is to the girls!

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

If you send a birth annoucement to the White House...

If you send a birth announcement to the White house and Disneyland....You might just get something back!

I saw a blog called North Carolina Charm and saw where she sent a wedding invitation to the president and got a congratulations letter back.

How neat is that? Only problem was. I have been married 5 years. soo..

I tried sending my newborn sons birth announcement to see if I would get something back

I wrote a little note on the back of his announcement.

and sent it to the following address.

About 6 weeks later. We got this in the mail!

What a GREAT addition to his baby book!

Upon further research after I originally posted this on my blog. I came to find out that you can get mail from the White House for a variety of occasions. Please view this link to get formal instructions on how to get greetings from the White House.

I was disappointed to see that receiving a Christmas card was not something the White House does.  Perhaps I will give it a try for Christmas 2012.

I received messages from my readers that you can send Birth announcements to Disney World and the Pope.  I sent the Pope my son's birth announcement back in December and still have not gotten anything that ( I am updating this April 2012)

I did send a Birth announcement to Disneyland, and received this back. I sent mine to the Disney in California. but you can send your Disney annoucement to either of the following addresses.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Walt Disney World
1675 N Buena Vista Dr
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Mickey and Minnie Mouse

The Walt Disney Company

500 South Buena Vista Street

Burbank, California 91521

Good Luck!

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Heart shaped potato skins!

Now presenting another heart shaped treat from my kitchen! Also, I won't be offended if you all think I have completely gone off the deep end!

My husband was surprised last night when he came home to find yet another heart shaped meal in January!

And I know I said " healthy" Valentines day treats for my Valentines day food extravaganza. But I served these with a very colorful salad.

These actually turned out much nicer than I thought they would. 

I cut a potato into slices. ( Two of these slices were flat, and the two "end" slices were rounded on the bottom)  and used my heart shaped cookie cutter set to cut out hearts.   

I ALWAYS leave the skins on potatos. They are the part of the potato with all the vitimans!

I used two sizes of cookie cutters.  Just so I could use as much of the potato as possible.

Layed them out on a baking sheet. brushed with olive oil and salt.

Of course I also cooked the " scraps". I am not a waster.

They came out nice and crispy! Just how we like them in my house!

I added. Cheese and bacon bits to each potato.  And thats it!

The best part is? I made this super cute treat and used ingrediants I already had!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Heart shaped tortilla chips

Heart shapes are not only for Valentines Day!  You can make heart shaped snacks for birthdays, mothers day, anniversaries or just because!

I made my " Homemade tortilla chips", but made thm heart shaped!

I followed my " Homemade tortilla chips" recipe. you can find it Here.

I used my heart cookie cutter to cut corn tortillas into hearts.

I served it with some " Hot" Salsa!

Easy. AND super cute!

Looking for more traffic on your blog?  I am ALWAYS looking for fun recipes and projects to share with my Facebook fans! E-mail me if you have something you would like to share!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Heart shaped apples

Welcome to the second edition to The Valentines day food extravaganza 2012!

Here is a simple way to make a  healthy Valentines day treat for your family!

Valentine Hearts are Red.  Apples are also red. 

I sliced apples. excluding the core.

Used this cookie cutter to make hearts out of the apples.  For the larger hearts, I just used a knife to cut out hearts.

Heart healthy!

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