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Make the best of everything!: April 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Modge Podge Concentration game!

My Nephew Kyle is turning 1...and I wanted to make him a Homemade gift!

 I do not see him  nearly enough, so I decided to make Kyle a " Concentration game" using pictures of members of the family, so he will learn to remember us when we see him.

First. I ordered some blocks of wood with rounded corners. from the Etsy store http://www.etsy.com/shop/sisforsupplies.  I thought these looked better then what was available in the craft stores.

I found pictures of all of Kyle's family members and "Modge Podged" Them onto the wooden squares

Kyle's "Aunt Kristen" ( me)

"Uncle Greg" ( My husband)

"Uncle Greg and Aunt Kristen" ( I used several other pictures of family members, but I really don't like to post pictures of other people without their permission)

I Modge Podged the back side of the game cards, and decorated with Puffy Paint.

I included instructions with the game.

I packed everything away in a box.

And Personalized the box for Kyle.

You should have been there when Kyle opened his gift....his reaction to all the pictures was soooo cute!! And hopefully when he learns to talk, he will know who we all are!!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

English Scones with Royal wedding themed toppers!

I am so excited about the upcoming nuptials between Prince William and Kate Middleton!  I am going to have my DVR running all day!

I came up with a cute appetizer/snack you can make for the big event, along with some "English themed toppers" to help educate your guests about English culture. 

I LOVE England. Visiting England was one of my favorite trips ever!

Here are some of the "English themed Toppers I came up with.

1) English " telephone box"topper.- I made this topper using craft foam and a sharpie.
2) English " Fish and Chips" topper.-  I used this topper using craft foam.
3) English " Broach" topper.- This was a piece of cardboard decorated with jewels I had laying around.

4) The " Will and Kate" tea topper.- I covered the tea  label with a craft foam" Will and Kate Label" and wrote their names with puffy paint.
5) The "English Rose" topper.- Made with craft foam.
6). The " All you need is Love"  Beatles T- shirt topper.-r Made with computer graphics, craft foam and puffy paint.

THEN. I made a simple English Scone Recipe that I found online

I added LOTS of raisins. I LOVE raisins cooked in things.

Rolled out the dough, and cut out circles using a small glass.

Brush the scones lightly with egg wash. and bake @ 400 degrees for 15 minutes.

Serve with Butter and jam. Red plum jam is my favorite!

Hope you enjoy!


Yay for baseball season!

I LOVE watching baseball.. and The Chicago White Sox are my favorite team! I know that everyone thinks their baseball team is special, but I LOVE watching the White Sox!  Also, I think its pretty amazing that I married someone from Iowa who also loves the White Sox!!  I made some cupcakes for my husband to bring into work! 

I found this cupcake recipe on Wilton.com. for Mint Chocolate cupcakes.  http://www.wilton.com/recipe/Chocolate-Mint-Cupcakes.  I Loved this recipe. and highly recommend it!

I made a simple white frosting and decorated the cupcake with " Stars".  and then piped on decorations to make the cupcakes look like cute little baseballs!

Happy Baseball season!!!!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Turtle" Brownies

I went to visit my younger brother at College for his birthday, and wanted to make him something.  ( I was just going to bring him beer..but he is old enough to get that on his own)  I decided to make him some brownies.

OK.....so I am a little bit of a cheater.... But why would I make homemade brownies...when you can TRULY get the best kind from a box for less than $3.00??

These Brownies are the best!!!!

Beautiful. Now I wanted to wrap them up cute.  They are all Carmel and sticky..so I wanted to wrap each one individually.  and wanted to make some sort of topper for them. 

for my Topper. I used some card stock and 2 kabob sticks.

I also used the turtle from this card..( I always buy my cards in bulk, so breaking apart this card was no big deal)

I made my brother a banner to top the  mountain of turtle brownies I made him!

Ta da! My "Turtle" brownie presentation!!!  He really appreciated them. (I think College kids really appreciate baked goods)